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Video Testimonial Program

Video Testimonial Program - Learn how to get dozens of client video testimonials with a fun, interactive approach tha...


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Email Marketing Program

The ultimate email marketing program tailored specifically to you the Chiropractor.  In this program you'll lear...

$197.00 USD

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Spinal Screening Program

Here's what you get when you purchase this program: 1) The Screener Spinal Screening Program -1 CD-ROM ‘jam...

$297.00 USD

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Spinal Screening Poster

"This poster makes my screenings easier and gets more people into my booth every time. This is the actual poster that...

$97.00 USD

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Spinal Regeneration Poster

This is the poster that Dr. Tabor uses at all his spinal screenings.  These are Dr. Tabor's personal cervical x-...

$97.00 USD

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Each Online Training Course Features:

Lifetime Access

You’ll never “miss out” because you get lifetime access to your online courses—your materials will be there as long as you need them. They are yours forever. Yes, really.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Join us for the first thirty days. If you do the work and don’t get value, we’ll happily refund your money.

Digestible Information

Training videos are approximately 5-15 minutes long and can be viewed on your computer, smartphone or tablet and accessed anywhere you have a high speed internet connection. Each online course contains between 8 and 20 different videos.

Unlimited Free Updates

How many times have you bought a product and a better version comes out and you have to pay all over again for the updated version? Not here! As you are learning so are we. If we add to the online courses you’ve already purchased, we will include those updates to you for free!

Dedicated Support Center

No matter what you need help with, we're never more than a click away. Fast and friendly assistance to answer any questions you may have.

Timeless Strategies

Dr. Tabor's products are not like the rest of the things you have tried before. These are proven techniques and strategies used by real Chiropractors who have experienced the same things you are and will give you insight and tools that will serve you in business and in life!